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Alcohol and Working Out - Can it be friends?

Alcohol is one of the biggest reasons a lot of people don't work out or want to be healthy.
It is hard to give up especially at social gatherings. Well, we are here to tell you that you don't have to!

Everyone's plan on being healthy is different. If you feel like you can consume alcohol from time to time and would like to then continue reading!

Like most good things, to enjoy alcohol in your diet it has to be in moderation!
Here are some tips to help keep you from getting off track.
  • Before you go out note how many drinks you can have based on your diet. Look up drinks ahead of time to see if they fit into your diet and stick with that number. Have someone there to hold you accountable.

  • If you can go for the more expensive stuff. Usually, it will have better ingredients.

  • If you need a mixed drink go for simple ingredients like club soda or a little bit of cranberry. Most mixed drinks are just full of sugar.

  • Most beers are going to be high in calories so you can save money by not buying as many!

  • Drink a lot more water if you are planning on drinking. Do this prior, during, and after!

  • Try to only drink on nights you can make sure to get adequate sleep.

  • Alcohol disrupts already disrupts our sleep. You need a good amount of sleep for your body to just recover from drinking.

  • Once you have a few drinks in you it is hard to keep the focus on eating healthy. Try to eat something before going out and this will keep you from snacking.

Like we said moderation is key. You won't make any progress drinking every day.
Alcohol will dehydrate you and has no nutritional value. It actually can disrupt muscle growth and also contributes to weight gain with all the carbs in beer and sugars in some mixed drinks.

There are ways to still be able to drink and maintain your healthy way of living. We are all adults who can enjoy every once in a while. When you are done get back at it!

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