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On The Rise understands how important it is to have a team that has your back (muscles in mind). We want to make sure your health comes first and wellness is a huge part of that journey. Our team of certified experts can assess an issue that has been bothering you and help you recover faster!

Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. Jerry has a holistic approach to injuries. For most of Dr. Jerry’s life, he has been a competitive athlete and has been through most of the injuries you are feeling. ⁠

His Services: ⁠

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Nutritional counseling⁠

  • Blood chemistry analysis⁠

  • Hormone testing⁠

  • Corrective exercises⁠

  • Individualized stretching⁠

  • Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Rehab⁠

  • Therapeutic Soft & Deep Tissue Massage


Athletic Trainer

​Taylor has been practicing for 5 years as an Athletic Trainer. ⁠

Her services include:

  • Cupping Therapy 

  • Scraping Therapy/IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization).⁠

During treatment, Taylor will “scrape" back and forth over any muscle that is experiencing problems. This will reduce soft tissue restrictions. IASTM has been found to be very helpful to patients that experience muscle tension, scar tissue from previous injuries, fascia restrictions, and even muscle strains. Then she will place cups on the skin to create suction that facilitates healing through the blood flow.⁠ Cupping Therapy is used to relieve muscle tension, spasm, increase range of motion, decrease pain, and aids in recovery.


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