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Do you have a workout plan?

Do you have a workout plan or do you just roll with it when you walk in?

Let's talk about the benefits of having a workout plan!

If you do not have a workout plan it is like going on a trip without a map.

You do not know exactly what steps to take to get to the destination.

A plan gives you structure -

No matter what consistency and keeping up with a routine are the biggest things to getting to your goals. Having a workout plan for the week is the best way to keep yourself motivated throughout the week. You also won't just walk into the gym to do some cardio and maybe a few reps of this and that.

A plan helps you prevent overtraining or undertraining -

The reason there are plans out there is to make sure you are hitting the correct set of body parts together. Not doing things too close together or not enough. You could also end up workout for too long or not long enough without a plan.

The easiest way to layout the road to your goal -

When you take a step back and look at what's to come in the next coming weeks or months. Without a plan seeing progression is very hard. Having a goal in mind helps keep you motivated and doesn't tend to burn you out.

Tracking -

Usually, when you have a plan you track your progress so you can see over the next few weeks and months how much you have progressed! There are plenty of free Apps out there you can track your workouts on.

Some people can work out without a plan. They hit areas they feel need to be worked out and go about their day.

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