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Stepping out of your comfort zone

Fan Feature Friday - Anna T Anna T stepped into On The Rise five months ago a little nervous.

She explained her current chain gym isn't helping her reach her goals.

We sat down and talked about what's working and what wasn't in her journey.

We learned that Anna truly is determined to better her life.

We saw an opportunity to really help Anna here.

We hate that at bigger gyms people can feel like they are just another "member".

We want you to feel like you are a part of something more. Part of a community.

We set her up with a membership and some sessions with Malinda.

The energy these women create together is magic!!

They vibe so well together!

Anna is strong. We know Malinda was just as shocked when she found out. ANNA IS A BADASS.

"Anna was my second client when I became a personal trainer. Little did I know she wasn't going to be second best! She has floored me with the progress she has made! Her progress is much more than the scale! I’m so freaking proud of her and she inspires the heck out of me! She is much stronger than she knows. I hope one day she shows the world how strong she really is and I will be there to see it.❤️" - Malinda

Q&A with Anna:

💪 How long have you been working out? How long at OTR?

➡️I have been working out on and off for 7 years. I started lifting at On The Rise In April.

💪 Why did you choose OTR?

➡️ I chose to join On The Rise because Joe and Malinda were so friendly and understanding when I first came to check the gym out. I had looked at another gym prior and had a poor experience that left me not hopeful. Joe and Malinda made me feel comfortable. I was scared to change gyms and joining OTR is one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

💪 What keeps you at On The Rise?

➡️ What keeps me coming back to On The Rise is seeing myself become stronger in the gym and mentally as well. Everyone at On The Rise is very helpful, nonjudgmental, and pretty cool.

💪 What are your accomplishments at OTR?

➡️ Some accomplishments I've had while being a member at On The Rise are getting PR's on both my squat and bench press. I have learned to focus on myself more, get out of my comfort zone and not compare my journey to other people.

💪 Fun Fact about you:

➡️ A fun fact about me is that I work at a mental health and addiction Doctors office. I get to help coordinate services for new clients and I'm often the first person to give them information and hope that help is available.

We are so proud of Anna and the transformation she has made in the last few months. She has not only lost 24 inches but she has lost the nervousness of being in the gym!

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