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Growing up in the fitness industry I never had a gym where I could work out shirtless, use chalk, listen to loud music, and just go all out on a workout. I was looking for a grungy gym with hardcore bodybuilders. So throughout the years I had a lot of gym memberships. I even worked for a couple of those gyms and I learned a lot of do's and don'ts. I listened to a lot of complaints and what people wanted out of the gym. So I took all this experience and knowledge and created exactly that! A community where you can feel comfortable lifting as hard as you want!

Joe Fitzgerald, Owner.


We know how intimidating getting into a new routine can feel, and sometimes it's gonna suck, but we promise...

It's worth it.

One of our members transformations. He is wearing the same shirt showing how much weight he has lost

I have been coming to OTR since 2016. There have been times I was more consistent and times I gone far too long before getting back in. No matter what though, this place has consistently been an amazing place to be. The atmosphere at OTR is like no other gym around. You’ll always have support and be encouraged to push yourself. I have always struggled with being overweight, but I never feel judged at OTR, only that support and encouragement I just spoke of. And this year, 2021, I am finally pushing myself and staying headstrong to reach my goals. I have dedicated myself to working with personal trainers (Andy and Nick), and that has helped me grow even more than I imagined it would. Also, I’m thankful for Joe. His friendship over that past five years has meant a lot to me. He has always been there to teach me and push me to be a better me. I am and always will be happy to be a part of this community because together we are all, On The Rise.

-Gentry G

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