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Resistance Training/Cardiovascular Endurance/Weight Loss

When it is time to get down to business Bryttin will motivate you to work your hardest because she truly believes in you. She understands that there is a well-balanced approach to diet and nutrition. ⁠She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is currently continuing her education.⁠


Strength Training/Condition Training

Alex mostly trains in the evenings but he truly does bring his all to each of his clients. ⁠He will motivate you to get that last rep in. ⁠He will mold to your needs. ⁠
If your way of being motivated is someone yelling in your face he will be there. ⁠If you need that little pep talk, he has it ready! ⁠Alex is an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer. ⁠



Boxing, Hypertrophy, & Strength Training

Kelly is a pure badass! She wears so many hats in her life but still finds time to put her fitness journey first! We are proud that she is joining us with her unique skills. Kelly has a certificate through The National Academy of Sports Medicine and Boxing and Barbells.

"I have happily and proudly worn many capes in my life; mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, student, coach, and choreographer.  I'm at a time in my life where I am investing in my own Superwoman cape.  I am doing something I have always wanted to try and once I tried it, there was no turning back.  

I fell in love with the gym, the weights, the strength, the energy, the ability to always set a new PR goal.  I fell in love with seeing what my mind and body were capable of doing.  Joe encouraged me to get my certificate because I said "where can I get a job where I can do this all day and wear cute outfits?!" haha Once I set a goal, there is no turning back!  

I can't get enough so now I just want to share what I love with others because coaching is in my blood and I love to invest in other people.  I am excited to teach boxing because it brings me so much joy, challenges the mind, and is the best form of cardio!  My favorite motto is "Suck it up Buttercup!


Hypertrophy Training/Exercise Selection and Setup/High Intensity and Lower Volume Training

Andrew has been with On the Rise for about a year. I don't think I have ever seen this man not have a smile on his face when he comes through the front doors. Andrew has a passion for his client's fitness needs and personal needs. He is super personable. Andrew has his master's in health and human performance from the University of Cumberland.



Strength & Conditioning/Corrective Exercise Specialist

One of our newest Personal Trainers! Malinda surprised us by getting certified through the International Sports Sciences Association.


"I want people to fall in love with the process! Getting better at doing the exercises,

learning the lifestyle, reaching their goals and breaking barriers!"


Strength Training and Conditioning

Growing up I would get told to eat more and I'm too skinny. I didn’t like looking in a mirror or being shirtless cuz I was “skinny” and it stayed like that for a while after I graduated high school.
A friend of mine dragged me to the gym towards the end of 2018 and I hated it at first until I began to see the change it brought along with that pain. The change wasn’t just physical either working out had also changed my mentality. It gave me more confidence than I’ve had in a very long time, overtime I just fell in love with the gym. 
Now I aspire to help people be happy with themselves and feel confident the same way I do. I want to help my clients reach their strength goals and/or tone them up to reach their desired figure.

Christian is certified through the International Sports Science Association.

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